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Private property, scarcity and democracy

Against the metaphysics of scarcity, for the practical copiousness

Private property, substance of state

- Against patriotism - against nationalism - down with the national boundaries!

Against strategy

Artificial intelligence, unemployment and universal basic income: another panacea of the owner class

Class struggle in the Cuba enterprise

Against rewards and punishments (against meritocracy, against coercion) 


SUBVERSION PRESS website has published a booklet to print (PDF) which contains two of our texts translated into English.

This printable zine contains two texts:


Humanaesfera website is a product of debates and conversations between many people who are not a formal group, often even with random people from everyday life, at work, buses, street, queues, trains, etc. The aim is to bring together, or, so to speak, to "save" (for a larger public and for the future) the libertarian Communist ideas, which have no owners, and which appear scattered throughout society.

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Humanaesfera is communism: the free association without fronteiras  of individuals, where free access to their practical conditions of existence - to the means of production and of life interconnected  on a planetary scale which ceased to be private property - emancipated humanity from all social coercion, whether economic, enterprise, state, national, educational, family or cultural.

The purpose of this site is to unfold and to arm explicitly in the century XXI the most basic and repressed thought-desire-need of the proletariat since its emergence in the eighteenth century:

a) abolition of work: abolition of any system of rewards and punishments; Consequently, the end of every repulsive, annoying, tedious and / or dull activity, the end of everything that is not attractive on its own, in order to make  all productive activity the free multilateral expression of human creativity, capacities and needs; Abolition of the labor market; Therefore, the end of the slavery of wages, of money, of commodity, and in order to make this possible,

b) abolition of private property of the means of life and production (abolition of the enterprise, capital, whether the owners are states or particulars) to ensure free access to the practical means of accomplishment and self-formation of the desires and needs of individuals in free association, who will find free and gratuitous their practical material conditions of existence and self-realization. Hence,

c) abolition of national borders, because it is only possible to guarantee free access to the material conditions of existence - to the  means of life and production, which are indissolubly interdependent on a world scale - by abolishing every private circumscription of any territory of the world with regard to every human being. Therefore,

d) abolition of the State, because only by suppressing the armed body separated from the population (police and armed forces) will it be possible to make the population free from that which is the only thing effectively depriving them (by force of arms) of having free access to their conditions of existence.

These are the minimum requirements for individuals to realize and produce their own potential as themselves (this is freedom), so they will never be forced to reduce themselves to commodities offered in the labor market, nor forced to be reduced to the condition of objects of consumption for corporate or state administration.

Practice: against the hoax of "base work", of militancy and activism, we confine ourselves to lazily supporting the only properly communist practice, whose smallest spark alone is capable of taking the world: the overcoming of the strike by gratuitous, universally accessible and  free production, which suppresses employment immediately, in order to promote the free and autonomous universal circulation of human needs and capacities, against enterprise, State, nation, family, commodity and class on a world scale.

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